The vertical axis type compact wind turbine generator based on Aeronautical Engineering – The Compact Wind Turbine Generator

The low-noise, low vibration and vertical axis type generator can be activated by slight breeze.

NKC's compact wind turbine generator, which is adopted "the Special Shaped Blades based on Aeronautical Engineering", is much less noize and much less vibration than the propeller type wind turbine generator. Even slight breeze like 1.2m/second would be efficiently converted into rotational energy. It is available to use as an urban type wind generator for many intended purposes, such as energy supplies for street lights and energy reservation for disaster management.



The filter for taking care of high-frequency noise and surge problems is necessary!

The NKC's compact wind turbine generator is capable to customize for every situation of usage. Take advantage of it as a stand-alone power supply or to set with solar power generation, clock tower and street lights interconnect a commercial power supply. We can make it more suitable design, feature and appropriate to landscape to meet your needs. We guarantee to accommodate the requests in any ways from you as an owner.


  • As a result of adopting the vertical axis style, slight breeze like 1.2m/second can activate this product. It is insusceptible to the wind direction which is difficult to deal with the propeller style wind turbine and deserved the capability of effectively converting into rotation energy.
  • With the wind from any direction, that power can be effectively converted into rotation energy. In addition to that, with the low-noise, the low vibration, the simple and the space-saving design, it has enabled to open the door to install in urban areas.
  • It is suitable to the place where often changes wind pattern. Needless to say, it is capable to customize in any way to accommodate your requests, such as installing with the solar panel and so on.
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