Securely accumulate electricity “DENKEEP”, lithium ion electric accumulator

What is called Advanced I.C&C Boost Charging Technology can shorten charging time down to 1/3.

The electricity, which is our lifeline, is to insure to accumulate and charge for the urgencies and emergencies.
Since we apply original method to charge electricity with periodically monitoring amount of current without adopting traditional method, it is capable to charge electric accumulator in as largest amount of current as it would accept. It is therefore capable to full charge from absolutely empty of 1kWh electric accumulator in approximately 2 hours. That means it is possible to charge rapidly to complete in 1/3 of charging time compared to traditional electric accumulator.

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Achieved 10 times extra-long life duration than traditional product

In traditional electric charging system, to recognize a full charge in battery is when it becomes overheat or overvoltage. Since it is unpreventable from incurring overload in battery, it would lose its function in approximately 500 times of discharge and charge. It also causes the problem known as “Memory Effect” which would gradually lose electric capacity unless it is charged after using all up. On the other hand, “I.C & C Technology” allows charging rapidly in battery with neither overloading nor having memory effect. It has finally achieved approximately 10 times extra life duration than traditional one.

About details in operating time


  • Advanced I.C & C Technology has enabled safety in charging a lithium-ion battery.
  • This rapid charge mode would prevent overload. It therefore enables the long-term usage.
  • It displays both soundness and remaining battery level of built-in lithium-ion battery at the panel to recognize the status of battery at a glance.
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