Energy saving, high efficiency, zero emission - garbage disposer for professional use

Block out the nasty odor! Not only that, it has high-efficiency in volume reduction and is easy to handle.

Since treating in high-temperature with Platinum honeycomb catalyst, this garbage disposer for professional-use wouldn’t discharge abnormal odor and is absolutely harmless to operate outdoor.

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Picture of garbage disposer for professional-use

Zero waste producing

Accomplishment of zero emission cycle

What is zero emission is that it would not produce any waste by recycling waste as a main substance. That is what is called resources recycling based society.
Producing compost and feeding stuff are the important and the effective approaches to build recycling-based society. In order to accomplish that, we must efficiently utilize and recycle unsold food, leftover and manufacturing process waste as main substances since those have been producing every day in large amount.

Advantages of NKC’s garbage disposer for professional use

  • The “smart-mode” operational function which uses sensitively monitoring temperature is equipped. Additionally, it has achieved to saving energy to utilize controlling temperature in a basin exhaust heat from deodorizing mechanism
  • Since it apply honeycomb catalyst with Platinum and it dispose with high-temperature processing, it wouldn’t produce abnormal odor and it is harmless to operate outdoors. It is necessary to install with neither supply conduit nor effluent treatment for drainage.
  • This product has achieved approximately 85% of volume reducing rate which benefit has earned by the synergetic operation from biotechnological method and dry method. This product is provided with 4 types to suit to variety of businesses and facilities. You can choose which type is suitable to your need based on garbage volume and installation space.
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